Alaska fishing bear goes viral …and for sale!

During my very first visit to Alaska in 2014 I encountered this brown bear (ursus arctos), or more often referred to by its sub-species name: ‘Alaska coastal bear’ (ursus arctos alascensis) in Hallo Bay, fishing for salmon at a late afternoon.

I was in a small group walking on the beach with my Nikon D4S DSLR attached to a Nikon 500mm f/4 super telephoto lens with 1.4 teleconverter attached, and the whole package resting on a Gitzo tripod and Wimberly gimbal head (yes it weighs a ton). When these cute little furballs (they get up to 1500 pounds; larger than grizzlies) are busy catching fish, the action usually only takes a second or 2. And that action is observed from a very safe distance, so at least at around 100 meters/yards unless the bear decides to run and jump towards you.

It was low tide and just before sunset when this one indeed came running towards me, chasing a fish, while I had my finger on the shutter, continuous autofocus switched on …happily shooting away at 11 frames/second. The poor guy (or girl) actually ended up missing the fish and then looked at me from a not-so-far distance as if to say “this isn’t my day” (disclosure: (s)he did catch other fish soon after and surely was a happy bear again :).



Ever since I started this website I received a lot of positive comments on this image, and more recently I’ve also received requests for actual prints. To make this a special opportunity, I thought it would be nice to offer the first 25 prints of this Alaska brown bear in a ‘limited first edition‘: a ‘certificate of authenticity’ will be added to each print and/or my personal signature (in case I’m able to provide the print in person). The prints will be created and delivered by a professional printing company I’ve had and still have very good experience with. I will also offer the prints in this limited first edition at a 25% discount compared to the list price, with the following types and dimensions:

Photo print on 3mm aluminum dibond, matte finish

  • “Easy to place on most walls” – 60×40 cm (23.6×15.7″): € 379,00 (list: € 499,95)
  • “Cool size” – 75×50 cm (29.5×19.7″): € 419,00 (list: € 549,95)
  • “Mega cool size” – 90×60 cm (35.4×23.6″): € 449,00 (list: € 599,95)

Photo print under acrylic glass, 3mm aluminum dibond, matte finish

  • “Easy to place on most walls” – 60×40 cm (23.6×15.7″): € 399,00 (list: € 529,95)
  • “Cool size” – 75×50 cm (29.5×19.7″): € 449,00 (list: € 599,95)
  • “Mega cool size” – 90×60 cm (35.4×23.6″): € 526,00 (list: € 699,95)

The rates above are incl. 21% VAT and excl. shipping costs. If you’re interested in becoming a distinct owner of a ‘limited first edition’ print of this Alaska bear with this attractive discount, or if you have any related or other questions or comments, just drop me a note at:

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