Back to Alaska: 1st set/3d post

My first boat trip in Alaska was in Seward where many cruise boats and ferries gather. It was on this first trip where I saw humpback whales breaching right next to our boat; something the captain said he had never seen before, at least not that close. On the trip to the fjords and glaciers, we came across large fields of floating ice where seals were taking a nap and enjoying a bit of sunshine.

The image below has also been dormant for too long on my hard drive. I’ve tried to ‘do’ something with it a couple of times but I was never really pleased with the outcome. For whatever reason I decided to give it another try today and this time I’ve kept things really simple: no trying to push this little fluffy one into a rule of thirds or something similar, but simply let it stay where it is (a very minor crop) and apply some small tonal changes and sharpening. I hope (s)he is still out there swimming happily and enjoying life…

“fluffy on ice”
Nikon 500mm f/4G on Nikon D4S, f/5.6, 1/1600 s., ISO 100, +0.3 exp. comp.

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