Yellowstone: early impressions (again with the Nikon D850/600mm f/4E combo)

I just returned from a 6-day trip to Yellowstone… And as usual, lots of impressions taken away from that beautiful national park in (mostly) Wyoming, US.

Before I left and did my research on where & when to go, to see what I wanted to see (you know, not asking for much, just grizzlies, black bears, wolves…) the one statement I came across which kinda got stuck in my mind was Yellowstone being referred to as “the Serengeti of the North”. Well, I’ve been to the Serengeti and the one correlation I can certainly see is that Yellowstone is big, and you can travel for many hours (or worse: days) and actually not see anything but volcanic springs, trees, mountains & valleys, yet not any of the wildlife you were aiming for as part of your photographic journey.

I learned to interpret that Serengeti statement as… marketing. Very smart marketing for sure, as Yellowstone is certainly one of the best visited nature parks in the US. But marketing nonetheless.

Yet, as I find with nature photography, you often find what you didn’t expect to find, and the result can be surprising and quite special. For example, on the third day early in the morning there was a dense fog around the area close to our lodge where I picked up these two. I just happened to have parked my car at the right spot at the right time, and the moment only lasted for a second or two.

‘Misty morning’
Nikon 600mm f/4E FL on Nikon D850, f/4, 1/640 s., ISO 320, -0.3EV exp. comp.

In the next few articles I’ll post some more images which I did not expect to capture, but still struck a cord somehow. As always, just drop me a note on for any queries or for any (general) comments, send a mail to

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