Posting on NPN…and what to do with the feedback.

I’ve started posting images (well, 2 for now…) on a well-known nature photography website ( to get some understanding on how my images are perceived by other professional and non-professional photographers. And off course, those perceptions and feedback can help put my impression of my images into perspective and hopefully help me further develop my photography.

My first post on NPN resulted in a relatively large number of views (>400) and comments. Most of these were about the postion of the bear in the image, and the bluish tint of the image. In fact, one contributor on the site took a copy of my image and changed it to a mostly yellow/reddish bear (like on Mars, except for the water…) to stress the point there we too many blues in the images. While the NPN moderator commented on this action as inappropriate (my approval wasn’t requested upfront) I did take up the challenge to apply a few minor changes; in the end I’m quite happy with this new version.

hallo bay looking at you (again)

Let me know which one you prefer (see the previous one in the post below) and why!

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