And so it happened: Nikon D750

Today I went to a different camera retailer in my home country, The Netherlands, with the aim to buy a different Nikon D810. Something like “I really need a completely different/properly functioning one, so let’s give another retailer a chance…” However after having read many positive stories on the D750 I actually had a dual aim: a new Nikon D810 but if for whatever reason that doesn’t work out, a D750 (hoping it would have been engineered according to the right quality standards).

As it so happened, the remaining 2 D810s in the store were bought by other clients prior to my arrival, so the only option that was left for me was to wait until next week for another batch of D810s or to go ahead with the D750. I felt like taking a risk, so went for the D750.

And ladies and gentlemen: we have a winner! Shots with a Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 at app. 140mm f/2.8, 100% crop so a little softness is expected.


Bang! First shot, dead center, straight focus, no D800(E)/810 nightmares…But how about the other focus points? That’s where the D800(E) failed miserably.


Oh yes!! Right focus point perfectly in focus, no pain, no nightmares, no…etc. Yes!!! OK, but surely Nikon will ruin my recently rediscovered happiness? What about the left focus point?


It’s unbelievable: We have a Winner! It is possible after all, a camera from Nikon without focus issues!

Over the coming days I will put this little toy to the test but for now, I’m pleased that it seems I actually got what I paid for: a properly functioning DSLR!

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