The Masai Mara Series

I just returned from an awe-inspiring week in Kenya’s Masai Mara national park: over 1500km2 of savanna with countless wildlife – zebra, impala, gazelle, elephant, giraffe, hyena, lion, leopard, cheeta, birdlife and the list goes on and on…

The main goal I had set out for this trip was to experience Africa’s ‘big cats’ (from a safe distance) – something I had tried in Tanzania’s Serengeti a few years back but due to Serengeti’s sheer size and some other factors I wasn’t able to get the shots I wanted in the end, and so I chose for Kenya this time wishing for better luck. And luck was what I got.

Next to over 8000 images (which I’m still in the process of analyzing) I took away from this amazing experience reflections about – first and foremost – Mara’s wildlife and nature, my gear (both camera and supporting), lodging, transportation, the tourists (always too many) etc etc. The best way to get me through all of this is to just note down my thoughts and images in a number of articles I’ll be posting over the coming weeks (perhaps months) and see how it all works out.

And other than on/after my trips before, I’m now actually looking at options to organize a combined photography/workshop tour to this stunning Africa region – I’ll come back on this while I’m working out the details (and images & articles) over the coming weeks.

This blog actually needs a serious overhaul as well: it is based on a WordPress ‘theme’ which is not even supported anymore and making any changes to it requires me to migrate to a new and more modern theme. All in all, the next post should be a nice one on a revamped website!

Stay tuned…!